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“From the early cellar parties, organized as a teenager, to the first discos in the 1970s, from the trendy clubs of Milan to international festivals, Joe T Vannelli has been the soul and heart of clubs and nights that have made history in the world of house music.”

The After Dark club, the late-night show Exogroove, the New York Bar dinner club, his one-night event Supalova, held in Milan, Riccione, and Ibiza, and broadcasted live both in Italy and abroad.

He has performed in the most important clubs worldwide, from the United States to Japan to Australia, combining his DJing career with that of a refined and avant-garde record producer.

His compilations have dominated the charts, his style has made entire generations dance, and his pioneering mixing technique is unparalleled. In short, Joe T Vannelli is not just an Italian excellence, he is synonymous with house music. A volcano of energy, always in search of the best sound, novelty, and the right combination to generate liberating well-being in those who listen to him.

His passion for music has not stopped even during the lockdown. Instead, it gave life to the Joe T Vannelli Live on Tour, which led him to perform in highly suggestive settings – 60 stops in the most beautiful places in Italy, from the terrace of Milan Cathedral to a hot air balloon – and to transmit positive energy to his Facebook audience, recording staggering numbers.

Now, in this book that is a true tribute to a brilliant career and the world of dance, he tells his story for the first time, bringing together memories and anecdotes, experiences and first times. The result is a passionate anthem to the freedom of fun, the desire to dance, the music, and the inexhaustible desire to always move forward.


Joe T Vannelli, also known as JTV, pseudonym of Giuseppe Troccoli (Taranto, November 26, 1959), is an Italian DJ, record producer, and radio host. His music has earned him an endless series of awards and recognitions, most notably the Dj Awards in Ibiza in 1999, making him the first Italian artist to win this accolade. He has performed in the most important clubs worldwide. Among his numerous international successes, we remember “Play With the Voice” and “Sweetest Day of May,” and as a record producer: “Children” by Robert Miles and “Another Brick in the Wall – Coffee Beat,” authorized by Pink Floyd. In 2020, he launched the Sound Faktory project, a music and creative hub in Milan, a unique place where music professionals and new talents can find inspiration and perform.

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