DJ and internationally renowned producer, Joe T Vannelli stands among the foremost figures in House Music. His career has seen him take the spotlight at the most significant DJ booths across all five continents, from Australia to Japan, the Americas, receiving international awards and recognition. He holds over twenty gold and platinum records as the producer of “Children” by Robert Miles, the remix of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall,” Spiller’s “Groovejet,” “Sweetest Day of May,” and “Play With the Voice.” He has made countless appearances at prestigious venues such as Pacha and Amnesia in Ibiza, Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos, Marquee in New York, Wall in Miami, Love Parade in Berlin, becoming a central figure in the history of clubbing at renowned events like After Dark, Exogroove, New York Bar, and Supalova, a brand he conceived and created. Supalova is the ultimate one-night event characterized by record-breaking numbers, featuring performers, singers, musicians, and international DJs.


With a social media following exceeding 500,000 active users, Joe T Vannelli is a reference and a guarantee for venues, brands, and institutions that choose him for his credibility and years of experience in the entertainment industry. His unmistakable sound, always in line with current trends, and the energy emanating from his sets make him a standout. Joe T Vannelli has produced some of the world’s House Music hits, including five chart- toppers in the UK with his productions “Play With The Voice,” “Sweetest Day of May,” and “Don’t Deal With Us.” As the discoverer of Robert Miles and the producer of “Children,” he has collaborated with some of the most important artists and DJs from the ’80s to the present, enriching his roster with names like Giorgio Moroder, Bohannon, Thelma Houston, Eartha Kitt, Rockets, and Matt Goss of Bros. In 2020, he embarked on a new chapter with the Sound Faktory project, a musical and creative hub in Milan, providing inspiration and spaces for artists, musicians, singers, and producers to follow the creative process from production to live performances

During the pandemic in March 2020, he self-produced and realized “Joe T Vannelli Live on Tour,” a streaming DJ set on social media with 64 stops throughout Italy and over 15 million views, delivering performances in squares, monuments, castles, and breathtaking landscapes, spreading a message of beauty and “Made in Italy” music

In December 2021, he published his autobiography “God is a Dj,” edited by Baldini+Castoldi, along with the homonymous double vinyl album in limited edition

Remaining at the forefront of the dance scene and major Italian and international clubs, Joe collaborates with some of the most prestigious names in the Italian and international music scene. Notable projects include the remix of “ITALODISCO” by The Kolors (WarnerMusic Italy), the summer 2023 hit “Call Me” by Ivana Spagna, “Profondo Rosso” by Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin, and new record projects that position him as an active protagonist in the dance and pop scene.

On December 31, 2023, he organized the first Official Reunion of SUPALOVA, the iconic event brand he created, which dominated the Italian club scene from 2001 for over 10 years.  SUPALOVA, the show that redefined the Italian club scene with record-breaking attendance and nights, returned to celebrate an undisputed success that marked an entire generation from all over Italy who gathered to have fun with JOE T VANNELLI and his crew. For over a decade, since the early 2000s, this event has revolutionized the club scene, accumulating record numbers with over 60 events per year and millions of compilation albums sold.

Joe T Vannelli is the producer of some of the most successful House Music in the world. On top of the charts in the UK five times with his productions “Play With The Voice”, “Sweetest Day of May”, and “Don’t Deal with Us”.

He discovered Robert Miles and produced “Children”, he has collaborated with some of the most important Djs and Artist in the ’80s and today: Bobby Brown, Mark Morrison, Kathy Sladge, David Guetta, Loleatta Holloway, Mark Knight, Erick Morillo, David Morales, Danny Tenaglia, Little Louie Vega, Hot Since 82, Timbaland & Miss Elliot. Works that enrich the roster includes the names of Giorgio Moroder, Bohannon, Thelma Houston, Eartha Kitt, Rockets, Matt Goss dei Bros.

A journey that is enriched in 2020 with a new chapter, JTV was busy on a new project: Sound Faktory 

a creative musical hub in Milan where artist, musicians, singers, and producers find inspiration and a place created to follow the creative process of live production.

In March 2020, during the pandemic, he self-produced and accomplished the “Joe T Vannelli Live on Tour”, dj set on social streaming, with 64 stops in all of Italy, and over 15,000,000 visualizations. Performing in city squares, monuments, castles, fortresses, breathtaking landmarks bringing with him the message of beauty and music Made in Italy. playlist?list=PL4Sb6vKxsrE3OW1PdUQ7L0Qpyx-roWX5G

In December 2021 he published his autobiography “God is a DJ”, published by Baldini+Castoldi and his latest limited edition double vinyl album.

Joe T Vannelli means House Music. An inseparable link, a journey started in 1977. Vannelli is always a leader, mind and soul in awasome clubs and parties like:  After Dark Milan (club), Exogroove (afterhour), New York Bar (dinner club) and most of all his one-night Supalova, which takes place in the most important locations: Ibiza, Milano, Riccione, always broadcasted live.

He won 1999 Dj Awards in Pacha Ibiza for his contributions to the dijing industry. The first Italian dj to win Dj Awards. In Summer 2015 his first time at Tomorrowland, The Best Dance Festival In The World.

A path that has no equal, enriched with a new, exciting chapter thanks to the birth of Sound Faktory: a hub for artists, based in Milan, which represents a unique place of its kind: a theatre where professionals and new talents can meet and find inspiration, including a vinyl library with over 40,000 records and a Sound Room equipped with the best technologies to stream all types of performance on social platforms.

In March 2020, during the first covid-19 lockdown, he layed the foundation of his “Joe T Vannelli Live on Tour” with the aim to offer a concrete journey throughout the beauties, most sensational venues and wonderful landscapes that Italy has to offer. Enhancing the historical heritage respecting the social distancing with a weekly appointment every thursday became soon a winning formula, registering dizzying numbers and millions of views from some the most representative places in Italy.

His house music is worldwide appreciated: songs like “Play with the voice” – Joe T Vannelli feat Csilla (out in 2018 with new remixes with Armada Music) and “Sweetest day of may” Joe T Vannelli project  feat Harembee new remix 2018,  have been worldwide clubs hits and at the top of many dance charts. In spring 2018 new Supalova compilation will be out, mixed live by Joe T Vannelli and Vannelli Bros.This is Joe T Vannelli (or just a part of him!).  Very famous everywhere, djing in the best clubes, from New York to Los Angeles, from London to Paris, from Ibiza to Mikonos, Tokio, Amsterdam, Oslo, Hamburg, Zurich, Sidney Melbourne, Santo Domingo, Dublin and many others. Unforgettable his gigs in venues such as Pacha, Ministry of Sound, Supper Club, Renaissance, Cream, Wall and many others..With his recording labels he has remixed legends such as David Guetta, Loleatta Holloway, Mark Knight, Erick Morillo, David Morales, Danny Tenaglia, Little Louie Vega, Hot Since 82, Ginuwine ft. Timbaland & Miss Elliot, he worked with icons like Giorgio Moroder, Bohannon, Thelma Houston, Space 2000, Bobby Brown, Mark Morrison, Eartha Kitt and he produced Robert Miles, Spiller, Pink Coffee, Ania J, Csilla, Rockets, Matt Goss, Helen & Terry, Joi Cardwell, Wilson Lee.


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God is a DJ

From the first parties in the basement, organized as a teenager, to the first discos in the 1970s, from the trendy clubs in Milan to international festivals, Joe T Vannelli is the soul and heart of clubs and nights that have made history in the house music scene. The After Dark club, the late-night Exogroove, the dinner club New York Bar, his renowned one-night event Supalova, held in Milan, Riccione, and Ibiza, and broadcasted live both in Italy and abroad. He has played in the most important clubs around the world, from the United States to Japan to Australia, combining his DJ career with being a refined and avant-garde record producer. His compilations have dominated the charts, his style has made entire generations dance, and his…


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